satellite Clinics

Satellite Clinics

ADVNC Athletes Satellite Clinics Staff Has Over 100 years of Professional & International Experience

We provide a high-energy, high-spirited camp staff who is not only skilled and knowledgeable, but also share the love and joy the game brings! All sports are meant to be enjoyed, while also serving as a segue to teach athletes valuable life lessons. We aims to influence well- rounded athletes on and off the court.

We put emphasis on the all-around player, and truly believe these types of athletes make the difference. We focus on ball control for ALL PLAYERS to set the tone, then split into position specific groups to allow for isolated training. The afternoon sessions are drill-based with 6v6 team system work and competitive drills. We strongly value our coach to player ratio and will never have more than 13 players to every 1 coach.

We Come to you!

Where we’ve been

Based out of Kansas City, we love to share our midwest culture from the west coast to east coast, and everywhere in between. Do no hesitate to ask- we have made a living off traveling to play, and it’s summers where we continue to share our love of the game by coaching.

Those attending ADVNC Volleyball Camp will work with our experienced coaching staff. Sessions will be a balance of instruction, skills and game experience. Athletes will learn the latest methods in training & technique.

The ADVNC Volleyball camp experience will provide camp participants with excellent training from some of the best professionals and coaches in the country. Participants will receive individual training in competitive volleyball fundamentals, tactics, and advanced training techniques. The daily interaction with the professional athletes will improve their skill level, and they will forever be a part of our ADVNC Volleyball Family.


Why Us?


We travel to you. At ADVNC we come to your gym, saving players and coaches money and time.

Experienced Staff

On and off the court our staff has proven to be some of the best players and role models in the nation. With national and international experience, we have the knowledge and skills to share on an individual basis as well as the team aspect.

Cost Effective

Your players will receive up to 10 hours of training for 1/3 the cost of University camps while still receiving a combination of university and international philosophies! Individual Work. One-on-one work gives a chance for coaches to evaluate players and broaden position specific training.

All Encompassing

Camp options offering individualized training, team play and drills, strength & conditioning, nutrition, recruiting and beyond; encompassing all you need to kick start your season! 

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